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Fan at first Astros game catches two home runs ... both off the bat of Chris Carter

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Sometimes fate smiles kindly when you're at the ballpark. Maybe you'll witness a no-hitter. Maybe you'll see a wacky triple play. And hey, who knows, maybe you'll catch a home run ball. 

But catching two of them? Hit by the same player? That's unpossible

And yet, here we are. On Tuesday night, Tim Pinkard of Springfield, Va., was in Houston for his first ever Astros game. The heavens must have been shining on him as he walked away with not just one souvenir, but two of them. Both off the bat of Chris Carter. 

In the 3rd inning, Carter hit this shot that bounced off an advertisement in left field: 

Carter HR 1

And then Carter came up in the 5th. As if Pinkard was using some sort of localized gravity disruptor, the ball was lasered straight to him. 

Carter HR 2

Pinkard's lucky streak isn't over just yet as the team invited him to meet the slugger before Wednesday's batting practice. No word on if Pinkard will be hired as the Astros' designated home run target, though. 


(Additional reporting by Ryan Cantrell / Real - Time Correspondent