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Mariner Moose pies Blue Jays fan during water gun duel

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All's fair in baseball and water gun duels, apparently, because Mariner Moose swapped his ammo out for a pie to surprise a seemingly-unsuspecting "Blue Jays fan" on Tuesday. While the M's were taking it to the Jays to the tune of a 6-3 victory, their mascot tricked a visiting fan (or a team employee dressed as a fan, but come on) into a face full of pie.

Mariner Moose and the young Blue Jays fan--each armed with a water gun--stood back-to-back on the top of one of the Safeco Field dugouts. As they begin to count off their 10 paces, Mariner Moose pulls some Home Alone math out of his sleeve, opting to forego the gentleman's 10-count to run over and grab the pie. 

Like an NFL receiver running a buttonhook, the Jays fan isn't even out of his cut yet when he's got a face full of whipped cream.