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Derek Jeter completes #IceBucketChallenge, calls out Michael Jordan [UPDATE: MJ accepted!]

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8/19 -- Anyone and everyone who has even, like, a bar or two of Wi-Fi service has raised awareness of ALS--the debiltating disease that shortened Lou Gehrig's career and eventually took his life--by filming themselves dumping water on their heads, posting the footage to social media sites and calling it the #IceBucketChallenge

Last week, on The Late Show With Seth Meyers, Russian physicist and supervillain actor Mickey Rourke debuted footage of himself accepting the challenge and called out Yankees captain Derek Jeter.

Jeets recently stepped up to the plate and soaked himself in the name of ALS awareness, first noting Gehrig's contribution to the Yankees and baseball. Then, Jeter calls out his girlfriend--model Hannah Davis--some basketball player named Michael Jordan and that one guy from Entourage (Kevin Connolly) because he's a name-dropper.


Like, we get it. You've got friends in high places. Good for you, Jeets. Good for you.

UPDATE -- And guess what? When Jeter talks, MJ listens: