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Bryan Cranston goes to Dodgers game, signs ball for Brian Wilson

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You know that giddy feeling you get when you're perched at the railing of a Major League Baseball game, convinced that you just got the attention of your favorite player and are on the presipice of interacting with him as he signs his John Hancock to your baseball? Well, that's probably exactly how Dodgers reliever Brian Wilson felt on Tuesday, except his favorite "player" is actually an award-winning actor known for playing a school teacher-turned meth dealer.

Bryan Cranston a.k.a. Walter White a.k.a Heisenberg a.k.a. The Danger a.k.a. The One Who Knocks was at Dodger Stadium as the home team hosted the Padres. Cranston signed a ball for Wilson and -- wouldn't you know -- Clippers head coach Doc Rivers was in the house to sign a ball for Cranston. 


We'd like to imagine that Cranston made Wilson say his name (twice) before agreeing to sign the ball.