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Athletics trade for Adam Dunn, but White Sox retain custody of monkey mascot

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Image via SkyMall

The White Sox traded DH/relief pitcher Adam Dunn to the Athletics on Sunday as the A's look to regain some of that power they gave up in the Jon Lester-Yoenis Cespedes swap that went down just before the non-waiver deadline at the end of July.

Dunn, who plans to retire at the end of the year, brings a .340 OBP and 20 homers on the year to the A's lineup, but he'll leave behind more than just one really close friend in Chicago. See, Dunn has been the fatherly influence and custodial guardian of "Phil"--the fake monkey John Danks purchased from SkyMall.

In wake of the trade announcement, Dunn waived his parental rights and granted Jose Abreu custody of little Phil. 

No word on whether or not Dunn will have visitation rights every other weekend during the offseason.