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Giants rookie Andrew Susac rips hole in fabric of space-time to get his first Major League hit

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Reader, we have a confession to make -- on, July 30, we told you about the Giants rookie Andrew Susac's first Major League hit, but oh reader, we lied. But we want you to know we didn't do it on purpose. 

On May 22, the Giants took on the Rockies at Coors Field. On May 22, position players were striking out batters with knuckleballs, we had yet to hear of Mo'ne Davis, and Susac was still playing Triple-A ball in Fresno. But somehow, as the box score will show you, he recorded a single in the top of the eighth inning.

Does Susac have a Time Turner? Is there a TARDIS hidden somewhere in the streets of Denver? Is Buster Posey a shape-shifter? While we can't definitively say no to any of those questions, we can tell you this: the original game was suspended in the sixth inning due to rain, and resumed on September 1, when Susac had become a part of the Giants roster. Since the official date of the game was recorded as May 22, the date of Susac's first Major League hit jumped a couple of months into the past.  

But beware -- if we learned anything from The Butterfly Effect, it's that some actors should probably stick to comedy and that the smallest thing can change the course of history. How do we know that we haven't leap-frogged into a parallel reality?

Eh, it's probably fine. It's not like the Royals are about to make the postseason or anything, right?