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Mike Trout tries to hit hole through Minute Maid Park's roof, fails

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Mike Trout doesn't fail very often. After all, over the last three seasons, Trout is hitting .313/.403/.560 with 88 HR and 95 SB. But on Tuesday night, Trout got a small taste of failure.

While batting in the top of the first inning in Houston's Minute Maid Park, Trout decided that he wanted to put a skylight in the dome's roof. Though Trout was able to bounce the ball off the rafters, he sadly was unable to blast the ball through the roof -- which is clearly what he wanted.

Mike Trout

For those keeping score at home, that popup took 8.17 seconds from the time it came off the bat until it bounced off of Jason Castro's glove. To put that in perspective, most home run balls take 4-6 seconds to leave the park. To put it another way, Mike Trout's popup would be too long for a Vine. 

So yes, even when popping a ball up behind home plate, Mike Trout is otherworldly.